Sunday, January 29, 2006

On Reading The Puritans

By way of Introduction
Today's fluffy and lightweight Evangelicalism needs the Puritans. The 16th & 17th Century Puritans were deeply godly men and women. Puritan preachers cultivated a radically Biblical, Christ exalting spirituality, rooted in the revelation of God by Word & Spirit. If reading the Puritans seems about as attractive as eating cardboard, then whet your appetite by reading:
1. J. I. Packer, Among God's Giants, Kingsway.
2. Peter Lewis, The Genius of Puritanism, Carey Publications.
3. D.M. Lloyd-Jones, The Puritans, Their Origins and Successors, Banner of Truth Trust.
4. Puritan Resources Online: Fire & Ice
Suggested Reading
My list focuses on some of the key works of four representative Puritans. I have tried to limit my selection to works that are currently in print.
John Bunyan
For popular puritanism The Pilgrim's Progress., The World's Classics, OUP - you know you should have read it by now!
John Owen
Introduction: Robert W. Oliver (ed) John Owen, The Man and His Theology, P&R Publishing.
Online resource:
1. For Christ-centred spirituality: Meditations and Discourses on the Glory of Christ, Works Vol 1, Banner of Truth Trust
2. For the cultivation of a meditative spirit: On Spiritual Mindedness, Works Vol 7
3. For a searing treatment of Christian holiness: On the Mortification of Son, Works Vol 6
4. For a Biblical doctrine of the Church: The True Nature of the Gospel Church, Works Vol 16
Thomas Goodwin
.Introduction: My online biography:
Goodwin is best known for his teaching on assurance:
1. Exposition of Ephesians [especially sermons 15-17] Sovereign Grace Book Club
2. A Child of Light Walking in Darkness, Works Vol 3
3. Justifying Faith [especially Part II, Book II], Works Vol 8, Banner of Truth.
Richard Sibbes
Spiritual remedies from the "Heavenly Doctor"
1. The Bruised Reed
2. The Soul's Conflict
Both Vol 1 of Banner of Truth edition of Works.

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