Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Where do I find the time?

When I meet people who have come across this blog, they sometimes say, "I don't know where you find the time to write all that stuff." Maybe I'm just paranoid, but often I detect a hint of disapproval in such remarks. So, how do I find the time? Well, there are some things that consume other Minister's time that I don't do. No committees for a start. Then, I seem to get a lot of other things done, two sermons and a Bible study most weeks, pastoral visitation, church officer's and member's meetings, meetings with other churches in the district, Minister's Fraternals, evangelistic activities, and leading the kid's club each Friday. Recently I've started taking school assemblies in the area. Plus there is my work for the Protestant Truth Society - speaking, writing etc. I also try to make time for the family, watch a bit of telly, listen to music and so on.
Back to the key question, how do I find time for blogging? If I had the time, I would tell you...


Andrew and Carolyn said...

Hi Guy,
I for one am glad that you MAKE the time amidst all of your other ministry responsibilities to blog. What you share here is enriching and beneficial - as well as clearly being the product of someone who is fruitfully engaged in God's service.

When I finished pastoral ministry and entered Bible college in September I found that I actually blogged a little less for the first while, even though I had more time. It was then that I realised that the blog had been a much needed distraction amidst all of the other serious and hefty issues I was facing.

God bless you,

PS - well done to our fellow Celts in the rugby!

Jonathan Hunt said...

It IS disapproval, Guy.

I get enough of it myself and I am hardly a frequent blogger.

Exiled Preacher said...

Thanks Andrew!


Let the the lazy slackers disapprove.

Gary Brady said...

It's not just disapproval. It's envy and amazement too (I think). Ministers get it worse because no-one else quite gets our working week (I saw him shopping last Tuesday morning - what does he do with his time?) Another part of it is the public and novel nature of blogging. I mean, haven't you ever wondered where Wesley or Whitefield or Brainerd found time for all that journaling?

Exiled Preacher said...

Hi Gary (manyblogs) Brady,

Interesting points. I think it's fair to say that our working pattern is somewhat irregular. Take yesterday for example. I entered the study at around 7am, did various ministry-related things throughout the day and then attended a FIEC payer meeting in Swindon, getting home about 10.40pm. Of course, I stopped for lunch, had an evenging meal with the family, drank lots of tea, did a bit of blogging etc. But it was a rather long day.

I don't suppose that this blog will be regarded as a classic of evangelical spirituality in years to come. But Whitefield etc, busy men as they were did seem to find the time for regular journaling. But they used pen and paper, not a PC, so that's OK.

Anonymous said...

There's a saying round our way - "If you want a job done get a busy man to do it".


PS love the sarcasm - "But they used pen and paper, not a PC, so that's OK." :-)

Closer to the truth that we may imagine!