Thursday, August 07, 2008

EMW Aberystwyth Conference 2008

We'll soon be off to the Aber Conference. I'm looking forward to a good time of the fellowship and ministry. If you are hoping to attend the conference and are still wondering, "Who on earth is Art Azurdia III?", then never fear. Your intrepid blogster managed to track him down for an exclusive Exiled Preacher interview, which you may read here. For late bookings, contact the Evangelical Movement of Wales here. Are any other bloggers planning to be there?


Martin Downes said...

We'll see you there on the Tuesday. I'm kicking off the day with an extratime seminar on "Rediscovering Covenant Theology"

Exiled Preacher said...

I'm a bit long in the tooth for extratime, but maybe I'll see you around. Interested to see that CPO will be publishing your interviews.

Martin Downes said...

CFP not CPO Guy.

I once had a retired couple come to one of my extratime seminars. They were there to ambush me over my article on the emerging church.

Exiled Preacher said...

Yes, I meant Christian Focus. D'you think Banner might be interested in my Blogging in the name of the Lord interviews? I don't know what they would make of references to 'How Green Was My Valley?' and Carl Trueman's predilection for mosh-head music.

I've been reading your piece in 'Table Talk' on EC today, so I might just come along to extratime to rough things up a bit.