Monday, November 03, 2008

Welcome Break

On Thursday of last week we set off for Paignton, Devon for a mini-half term break. On Thursday evening I spoke on Rome and Biblical Christianity - What's the Big Difference? The talk was a kind of mash-up of some stuff that was originally posted on the blog on ecumenical issues and Roman Catholicism, here, here and here. Friday was more of a family day. We visited Paignton Zoo, went go-karting and caught a film in the evening. Zoos always make me feel a little sorry for the the animals. Modern zoos provide their animals with largish enclosures, rather than the old concrete and steel cages. But there's still something slightly sad about gawping through a perspex window at a pair of majestic lions dozing in the autumn sun. We travelled back home on Saturday in readiness for preaching on Sunday on John 17:24-26 and 1 Peter 3:7. In case you were wondering, I think that the big difference between Rome and Biblical Christianity....
"can be summed up in the little word 'alone'. We believe in salvation through grace alone, by faith alone, in Christ alone to the glory of God alone in accordance with the witness of Scripture alone."

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