Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The speech acts of Scripture and God in action

I'm really enjoying Words of Life (2009, IVP) by Timothy Ward. Here's a taster,

"Whenever we encounter the speech acts of Scripture, we encounter God himself in action. The Father presents himself to us as a God who makes and keeps his covenant promises. The Son comes to us as the Word of God, knowable to us through his words. The Spirit ministers these words to us, illuminating our minds and hearts, so that in receiving, understanding and trusting them, we receive, know and trust God himself." (p. 97)


Rusty said...

The paramount joy of, by grace, to seek the fullnes and riches of our God. Though only through a glass darkly.
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

BrandyM said...

For those who are not theologians you might consider including Scripture or an explanation of 'the speech acts' and what you are talking about, or is this only for those well "versed".

Love it when Scripture is quoted also and no reference is given, like maybe you think everyone has memorized the whole Bible... likely not.

Guess I spent too long in a doctoral program and expect too much from too many educated men/women of God.

If I've offended you, my apologies as I merely was looking for insight.