Monday, November 29, 2010

Martyn Lloyd-Jones on Rome's "damnable plus"

See here for D. M. Lloyd-Jones on Roman Catholicism. Here is a flavour of his address:

[Rome] is indeed a form of the antichrist, and it is to be rejected, it is to be denounced; but above all it is to be countered. And there is only one thing that can counter it, as I said at the beginning, and that is a biblical, doctrinal Christianity. A Christianity that just preaches "Come to Christ" or "Come to Jesus" cannot stand before Rome for a second. Probably what that will do ultimately will be to add to the numbers belonging to Rome.

We must warn them. There is only one teaching, one power, that can stand against this horrible counterfeit; it is what is called here "the whole armor of God".

It is a biblical, doctrinal, theological presentation of the New Testament truth. That was how it was done in the sixteenth century. Luther was not just a superficial evangelist, he was a mighty theologian; so was Calvin; so were all of them. It was that great system of truth, worked out in its details and presented to the people, that undermined and even shook the Church of Rome. Nothing less than that is adequate to meet the present situation. Christian people, your responsibility is terrible. You must know the truth, you must understand it, you must be able to counter false teaching.

Christian people, your responsibility is terrible. You must know the truth, you must understand it, you must be able to counter false teaching.


in said...

What a load of tosh, Jones as usual elevates his particular brand as the brand, which will include the endless waffle about faith alone and the usual blah blah blah, it wasn't truth, biblical or otherwise, that defeated Rome's supremacy, it was good old violence, first by Rome and then by its opponents, the only 'good news' to come out of it was a slackening of desire, in most, to war any longer over opinions of truth. The life of obedience soon became the life of commerce for most Protestants and its final form - America - where the only 'self evident' truth is that constantly denied by its economic imperialism, at home and abroad, as it was when they framed their bloody constitution. Now I'm not of Rome but she at least 'shows us her faith by her works'. What exactly did any of Jones or Whitefield or 'keep 'em poor it's good for their souls' Wesley's revivals amount to but the organisation of the downtrodden to cast off the yoke of servitude which these religious figures would have us labour under. No let us just 'come to Christ' and let his power not Jones' baptism work in us 'both to will and to do of his good pleasure'.

Charlie said...

And here I always thought Luther, Calvin and all of the reformers were just preachers using the Word of God as their weapons. Apparently I missed that these men were actually soldiers fighting with explosives and physical violence.
So this is how roman catholicism was called on the carpet to face the truth?

But seriously, I think somebody needs to try breaking the meds in half next time.