Thursday, June 14, 2012

Reformed Catholic Confessions

Confessions of faith should reflect the historical connectedness of the Christian Church. The compliers of the Westminster Confession and its Independent and Baptist derivatives, the Savoy Declaration and Second London Baptist Confession did not turn their backs on the rich theological heritage of the Church and try and start from scratch in confessing the faith. For all their Puritan distinctives, the seventeenth century confessions were Reformed Catholic documents. Their God is the triune Lord of of the Nicene Creed. Their Jesus is the divine person with a human nature set forth in the Definition of Chalcedon. Their doctrine of salvation by the sovereign grace of God is consistently Augustinian. With them we hold to the faith once delivered to the saints. 

The World Reformed Fellowship's recently published Statement of Faith seeks to incorporate the best of the old and also to address more recent issues such as theological liberalism and postmodernism. 

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