Monday, April 15, 2013

Off to the Banner of Truth Minsters' Conference

Later this morning I'll be off to this year's Banner Conference. I first started going when a student at the London Theological Seminary, (1988-1990). Back then I was so wet behind the ears that I was able to attend the Youth Conference and then stay on for the Ministers' event. From my early years I vividly remember hearing Al Martin speak on conversion, Sinclair Ferguson on sanctification and Ted Donnelley on the temptation of Christ. Great stuff.

I  stopped going for several years when in between pastorates, but have been attending on a regular basis for  the last seven or eight years. I'm looking forward to the ministry, fellowship and maybe a game of football. I used to return from Banner with bags full of discounted books, but I don't tend to buy so much these days. I have too many unread volumes of Puritan theology to warrant buying any more. Apart from that, freebie review copies and Kindle e-books are enough to keep me going for now. 

Not sure whether I'll be taking notes of the various addresses for a blog report, or not. If not, some hazy recollections will have to do. Anyway, I've a church Men's Meeting to attend and some packing to do before I go, so over and out. 

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