Thursday, February 20, 2014

Something to live for

A recent survey conducted by the Prince of Wales Trust disclosed that three quarters of of a million young people felt that they have nothing to live for. Many of the respondents were long-term unemployed. That’s a very sad statistic and something of an indictment on our society. The young of all people should be full of hope and optimism about life, but evidently many are not.
Clearly politicians have their a job to do in ensuring that young people are offered meaningful work opportunities. But even then, work and the money employment provides cannot by itself fill the spiritual void that many people feel, whether old or young. Human beings were made by God and for God and it is only as we enjoy fellowship with him that we will find true fulfilment in life.

Jesus came to reconnect us with God. He died on the Cross to remove our sin that acts as a barrier between us and our Maker. Through the power of his resurrection Jesus is able to give life and hope to all who believe in him. Not that following Jesus will automatically get someone a job, or deal with all their problems. But knowing the reality of his love gives people something to live for even in the bleakest of circumstances. 

* For the February edition of News & Views, West Lavington Parish Magazine. 

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