Friday, February 05, 2016


On Monday evening we were off to the Theatre Royal, Bath to see the West End Beatles show, LET IT BE that is currently touring the UK. It's playing there until Saturday evening. The show is a run through of Beatles hits in more or less chronological order. The songs are performed live by four sound and look-a-likes. They took us from the innocent simplicity of the early numbers like, I Saw Her Standing There, right through to the mature classics such as, My Guitar Gently Weeps. Fine guitar solo on that one. The backdrop and band costumes changed to suit the times. The initial batch of songs were performed in the 'Cavern Club'. It was all psychedelic light effects for the Sergeant Pepper stuff. 

The musicianship of  the tribute band really struck home when an 'unplugged' segment in the second half saw them play Blackbird, Here Comes the Sun and one of my favourites, In My Life. 

A fine show that managed to get an ageing audience on its feet and somewhat anachronistically waving their lit up smart phones around. It was nah-nah-nah-na-na-na-naaas all round for the final song of the evening, Hey Jude. An enjoyable evening out. 

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