Friday, March 17, 2006

The Bible as Propositional Truth

Over at Chrisendom there is a discussion of the Bible as propositional truth.

Peter Jensen deals with this subject very helpfully in his The Revelation of God (IVP, 2002). He writes,

We have seen the unwillingness of modern theology directly to identify words with revelation. Propositional revelation has been attacked and the revelation of persons favoured; communication with the self-giving God is preferred to information from propositions. But if the gospel occupies the place in the economy of salvation that its first proponents suggested, and if it accomplishes what they claimed for it, the distinction between personal and propositional knowledge cannot be sustained. Their view of revelation certainly permits words and language to be identified with revelation. The description of the gospel as the word of God demonstrates that. To have some other theory is to depart radically from the fount of the Christian tradition. (p 87-88)

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Grosey's Messages said...

ood on you mate for tackling a much maligned doctrine. Great to see you work for the Prot truth association..
Steve In Australia