Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Theology on Holy Ground

The revelation of God's glory, and the whole theological process which legitimately follows from it, is holy ground. We cannot stand as superiors over God or his Word. We may not coldly or detachedly analyse and collate the great self-revealing deeds and utterances of Jehovah. We may not theologise without emotion and commitment. The doctrine must thrill and exhilarate. It must be humble and cast down. Our researches must be punctuated with frequent cries of, 'Oh! the depth!' and even periodically abandoned so that the pent-up emotions of our hearts may find relief in expressions of wonder, love and praise. Theology has lost its way, and indeed its very soul if it cannot say with John, 'I fell at his feet as dead' (Rev 1:17).
From Behold Your God by Donald Macleod, Christian Focus, 1995, p. 52.

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