Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Geoff Thomas' Hobby (and mine)

Geoff Thomas - A Calvinist in Cyberspace

At the recent Banner of Truth Conference in Leicester (see below), Geoff Thomas drew attention to the Banner Website. Geoff is responsible for the excellent Articles page. He described his work on the site as his "hobby". Some hobby!

Visit Banner of Truth Articles here . See also Geoff's blog here .

I thought that "hobby" was an interesting way of describing internet work by a Minister. To me the word "hobby" is associated with shed-dwelling males who make model aeroplanes out of bits of old wood and string. I have long fed the delusion that I am far too cool and intellectual to have a hobby. But it seems that I have one after all - and you're reading it.
At the Banner Conference, I was surprised and slightly embarrassed to learn that several people I know have been visiting my little blog. Thanks for dropping by to look at my hobby whether you are an old friend someone from the other side of the world.
Still, sharing a pastime with Geoff Thomas can't be a bad thing can it? Ah well, back to the

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