Friday, May 05, 2006

Tolerance, Freedom & Law

There is no consensus on what is "the true religion". We face the challenge of presenting the gospel to a society in which many other versions of faith and non-faith are competing for adherents. We cannot take the hitherto predominance of Christianity for granted. It was wrong ever to do that. Each new generation has to be evangelised. Yet this is what we are here for. The Lord has given us a great opportunity along with that responsibility. The mission field is on our doorstep as well as overseas.

Click here for full article by Gordon Murray, Chairman of the Protestant Truth Society.


Jonathan Hunt said...


We've met once when my family was in Westbury for a wedding last year - I can't believe I've not run across your blog these past few months - good stuff, I'll certainly be calling back!


Exiled Preacher said...

Hi there, how are you doing? Thanks for dropping in on my blog!