Saturday, June 28, 2008

Another week in my life: Day 7

Saturday is my day off. Today we went on a mystery trip to Minehead, Somerset. Had a good time wandering on the beach, clambering on rocks, eating ice cream etc. Read some more of Paul Davies' The Goldilocks Enigma when on coach & train. The chapter on multiverse theory made my head spin. Part of the return journey was by steam train. The pics below were taken on the trip. Yesterday night I received Philip Eveson's interview answers. Hope to edit and post the interview on Monday. You won't want to miss it. This is the last in the current series of blog diary entries.


Glyn said...

I'm also reading the Goldilocks Enigma so I can sympathise with the head spinning. I find it interesting that some people, as they delve deeper in to science, end up finding the concept of a creator God - even if they have no idea what to do with that concept. I myself was once in that place in that the more I read about the discoveries we were making about the universe, the more I became convinced of an intelligence behind it. My milestone event was being challenged to investigate the claims of Christianity by actually reading the Gospel. What I found was a set of incredible historical events which lead to the ultimate knowledge of God and the astonishing realisation that this is a God who wants to be in relationship with his people.

Exiled Preacher said...

Hi Glyn,

Thanks for your comments. Glad that I'm not the only one with the spinning head!

Scientific arguments, ID etc can only take us so far. As you rightly say, God savingly reveals himself to us in the Gospel.

I've finished the book now and I hope to post some reflections soon.