Friday, June 27, 2008

Another week in my life: Day 6

Do some sermon prep for preaching at Chardsmead Baptist Church, Bridport, Dorset. Old sermons need to be taken out of the freezer and warmed up a bit before being preached again. I plan to speak on John 10 and 1 Peter 1. Finally finished John Frame's The Doctrine of the Knowledge of God, reading the last few appendices. The one on The New Reformed Epistemology especially interesting. Don't know if it's worth doing a review on the blog after all I've said about the book in the Diary. I'll have to see. Read some more of The Divine Spiration of Scripture by McGowan. From some reviews I got the impression that there was nothing good about this book, but the author has some worthwhile things to say in the first three chapters. From what he's said so far, I don't agree with his position in inerrancy. But I hope to do a review when I'm done, so I won't comment any further. Received a phone call from someone who enjoyed my article in Evangelical Times, which was encouraging (see Day 4's entry for details).

After lunch, visit elderly and virtually housebound church member. Soon after I arrive another friend from church pops in, so we have a good time of fellowship, putting the world to rights. I read Psalm 34 and we all prayed around.
I've been doing these posts as I go along rather than write up the diary at the end of the day. Recently, a pastor friend (who spends far too much time on committees!) asked me how I find the time to blog. I posted something on this a while back here. Abraham Piper (son of John "the happy hedonist" Piper) recently argued that all pastors should have a blog here. That's a frightening thought. When I attended the LTS end of years service I was surprised by the number of people who said that they read this stuff. I don't know if it's doing any good, but I enjoy writing and blogging helps me to think things though.
About now (3.50pm) I would usually be preparing for our "Penknap Kid's Club" for approx 5-11 year-olds. The meeting is from 6.00-7.15pm. On average around 14 children attend on a regular basis. I lead the singing (including doing the actions "Wide, wide is the ocean...."). Another member of the team organises various games. We give the children a drink and biscuit and then I do the story (we're doing the life of David at the moment). Following a quiz based on the story we have a craft session led by another member of the team. The children seem to enjoy coming and it is good to have to opportunity to share Bible stories with them. But tonight child evangelists Richard and Joy Blunt & family will be running the club for us, so all we'll have to do is turn up and help out as needed.
Kid's Club went well. A few of our regulars were away, but those who turned up enjoyed themselves. The Blunts are a great team. Very lively and gospel centred. They kept the children engaged from beginning to end. We'll have to use them again. Afterwards I drop Sarah, Jonathan & Rebecca at North Bradley Baptist Chapel for an older children's meeting (11+). It's a joint affair and Sarah is one of the leaders. Every now and again the 'Good New Club' comes over to us at Penknap, which is nice. Last time we had a 'High School Musical' evening. Ben Midgely the NBBC pastor and I had a karaoke sing off and I let him win.
With everybody out apart from Oliver the hamster (who is feeling a lot better, thanks for your concern), I have a quite hour to myself. I this write up and then listen to Viva La Vida, Coldplay's new album, which is really great. I hope to post a review on the blog soon, so watch this space. Well, that's enough jottings for today. Saturday is my day off and we're going on a mystery trip organised by the church sec at Ebenezer Baptist. Should be fun.
* The picture accompanying each diary entry is usually relevant to the day's activities. But I haven't been to outer space today, I just like the image used above. Just in case you were wondering...

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