Thursday, September 18, 2008

Cool new Bible reference widget

Astute readers may have noticed that Bible references in my posts now have a pop-up thing that gives the text. You can have one too. The widget is easy to install and use. Find out more here. I haven't had time to do the last report on the Creation the Bible and Science Conference. That will have to wait until next week. Blogger has been a bit weird of late, failing to autosave and stuff. One recent post keeps reverting to an earlier edit every time I try and make corrections. Anyone else having blogger grief?

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Rob Somers said...

I am normally somewhat sceptical of the helpfulness of tools such as these; particularly because they can be quite invasive. That said, I think this plugin is well done, in that it is not as intrusive as a widget like snapshot previews. With snapshot, it seems like you actually have to click somewhere on the page to make the pop-up go away. I find that quite distracting. With this Logos widget, the window goes away on its own. Personally, I use a plugin for the ESV which turns Bible references into a link to the ESV site. I think there might be options to make it look more like what you have here, but I chose to let the reader open the link if they want it.