Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Take action on the Equality Bill

The Government's Equality Bill will be subject to a vote in the House of Lord on Monday 25th January. It is important that Christians voice their concern about this legislation. If the Bill were to be passed in its current form it would be an attempt on behalf of the Government to foist its secular values upon the church. We cannot render to Caesar that which belongs to God. According to the Christian Institute,
"The Equality Bill will place a duty on public bodies - like schools and the police - to promote homosexual and transsexual 'rights'.
"Christians are concerned that the Bill also narrows the current exemption in employment law for "organised religion". The Bill is shrinking the exemption so that it will only apply to posts that wholly or mainly involve leading or assisting worship or promoting or explaining doctrine.
"Yet church ministers have many pastoral and administrative tasks which do not directly involve leading worship or teaching doctrine, even more so in the case of pastoral or youth workers. So the law may require that these posts have to be open to adulterers or practising homosexuals."
Christian Concern for our Nation urges Christians to act now:
1. Sign the petition

This petition asks the Government to remove the amendments that would make the law more restrictive for religious organisations:

2. Write to Peers

Please write to one or more Peers listed at this link and ask them to vote for Baroness O'Cathain's Schedule 9 amendments, explaining that the vote will take place on 25th January
See here for a CCFN video presentation on the Equality Bill. Act and pray, 1 Timothy 2:1-2.

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