Monday, September 20, 2010

Jeremy Brooks responds to press coverage of PTS Papal Protest

Saturday's Daily Mail included this report of the Protestant Truth Society's Papal Protest in  London on Friday afternoon,
When the Pope later arrived at Westminster Abbey, a mob of 500 Evangelical Protestants accused him of being the ‘anti-Christ’. They outnumbered and out-shouted the secular protesters whose views have dominated BBC reports. The demonstrators, from the group the Protestant Truth Society, screamed ‘Heretic’ and ‘Nazi’.
In response, Jeremy Brooks, PTS Director of Ministries has written this letter to the paper,

Dear Sir

In your weekend coverage of the Pope's visit to Britain, you published a small piece entitled Abuse victims and evangelical Protestants join in the catcalls, which reported that, "The demonstrators, from the group the Protestant Truth Society, screamed: 'Heretic' and 'Nazi'." As one of the leaders of the PTS protest, I would like to say that I never heard anyone in our group use either of those terms, and that had I done so, then I would have intervened immediately to stop them. The purpose of our peaceful protest was not to insult either the Pope or his Roman Catholic followers, but rather to highlight his false claims to be the head of the church on earth, the sovereign over the nations of the world, and that Rome's gospel is the biblical one. Biblical Protestants believe that Christ alone is both Head of the church and Sovereign over the nations, and that salvation is by grace alone, through faith alone, in the finished work of Jesus Christ alone.

Yours faithfully

Rev. Jeremy Brooks, Protestant Truth Society

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