Thursday, July 05, 2012

Due North

Tomorrow morning I'm going to have to drag myself out of bed at some unearthly hour and hit the road in order to get to Sheffield Uni by 10am. I'll be taking my son there for an open day. Westbury to Sheffield. And back. In a day. West Country to The North. What's the point in that? 

Apart from heading east to sojourn in London for a couple of years I've either lived in South Wales or Wessex. I'm a man of the South West. Given the choice I wouldn't head much north of the M4. Sheffield. Whoever said that fathering a child would mean going up there? 

I've endured sleepless nights, nappies, being beaten at chess and Swingball, surrogate exam stress, but now this. Birmingham was bad enough, and then Nottingham, but Sheffield? Nothing against the place, mind you, it's just, I don't know....

I need an early night. 

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Phillip said...

Smooth sailing in choppy waters.