Thursday, January 25, 2007

Practical ecology

Following on from a couple of posts on Evangelicals and ecology (here and here), what practical measures can we take to help create a better world? How can we be more environmentally friendly? We don't have to be hair-shirted ascetics to make a difference. Here are some simple suggestions:
1. Replace high energy light bulbs with low wattage lamps in your home. For example, energy savers give the equivalent of 75 watts of light for only 16 watts of power. How cool is that?
2. Recycle. All kinds of stuff can be recycled these days: paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, glass, vegetable peelings, apple cores, garden waste etc. In the UK, many local authorities will collect recyclable waste from your doorstep. Even if they don't, you will probably find a recycling centre nearby. Assert you dominion over creation in a caring way.
3. Refuse plastic shopping bags whenever possible. Do you really need one to carry home your daily newspaper? So what if it's raining, stick the paper up your coat!
4. Walk or cycle instead of drive whenever possible.
5. Consider moving an environmentally friendly domestic fuel supplier. Some of the main UK Gas and Electricity companies offer a green energy option. Why not switch?
6. What do you suggest?


Deep Furrows said...

for #1, when it burns out in several years don't forget to dispose of those mercury bulbs properly.


Gary Brady said...

I must say I'm sceptical about all this making much difference. Hence these suggestions - the government abandoning the switch to digital radio and only using your computer every other day!

Exiled Preacher said...


Thanks for the reminder.


Isn't it our responsibility to try to make a difference? It is easy to applaud Schaeffer and Leahy's sentiments, but what's the use if we don't work these things out in practice?

As for only using a PC every other day...well, I was careful only to list things that I have tried to do myself!

Chris Tilling said...

A great idea for a post! While, like Gary, many could wonder if it makes a difference - with God, all things are possible.

Exiled Preacher said...

Cheers Chris,

I see from your blog that you had a good time in the UK.

Chris Tilling said...

Yes, thanks, I did. But I have a busy month ahead of me now ...
While on this topic, you may be interested in the final chapters of Colossians Remixed which has some interesting practical suggestions related to ecological care.