Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Revelation and the Gospel

If we follow the path provided by the gospel, we see that knowing God, his person and his plans comes from faith in the word of God. The gospel is a word that centres on Jesus Christ and proclaims that he is Lord. The word of the gospel itself reveals that God has always sought to rule his people by the word of his covenant. The Christian revelation also reasserts his rule over a wayward and rebellious people. It is not a religious experience, although to receive the gospel by faith is to experience entering a new relationship. The revelation is verbal; it announces the word of God, centred on Jesus Christ but multifaceted in its expression. It is coterminous with Scripture, and it functions to re-establish God's rule by creating and nourishing faith. God's central revelation of himself therefore, is evangelical at heart, covenantal by nature and scriptural in form.
From The Revelation of God by Peter Jensen, IVP, 2002, p. 93-94.

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