Monday, April 16, 2007

Nine things for list writers

This is an extraordinary example of 20th century communication in our digital age. An Exiled Preacher reader kindly wrote out this list by hand in green ink and gave it to my wife on Sunday morning. Why they didn't just add a comment the blog, I don't know. I think it's kind of quaint in an olde worlde sort of way.


Gary Brady said...

Thansk Jane & Ian. Darby says he likes that style. It reminds him of a series on his list of thinsg to do.

David said...

Brilliant list, all the better for being hand written. More character and stuff.

But I have a complaint: this list of nine things has been tagged with a "Ten things" label. That's just wrong.


Exiled Preacher said...


Yes, before you got the hang of your keyboard, you used to hand-write your posts on bits of paper, didn't you?


I suppose you think you're clever just because you can count?

If you think about it, the "Nine things" list was a response to my famous "Ten things" lists. It's a nine point list about my ten point lists, therefore I labelled it "Ten things" so it would link up with the rest of the series. Got it now? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Explanation: Writing our nine point list about your ten point lists gave us something to do on the journey down to Wiltshire! We don't have wireless networking on the move (yet). Jane and Ian.

Exiled Preacher said...

Jane & Ian,

Thanks for the list! I enjoyed it. (Even if the medium was a little primitive).