Thursday, March 15, 2007

Ten things for a Christian blogger

This is my 250th post (cue astonished cries of "Wow!" and "Whatever!"). I thought I'd offer you the benefit of my extreme wisdom and experience as a seasoned blog-head. Aren't you just so glad that you dropped by today?
1. Write about stuff that interests you.
2. Be random. Keep things varied.
3. Be regular. Try to do a post a day.
4. If you can't think of anything new to say, just type a quote.
5. Do lists. People like lists.
6. Get out there and comment on other people's blogs.
7. Don't be a stat nut. Of course you want more readers, but try to affect indifference.
8. Recycle. Post some old material; articles, talks etc.
9. Share your reading with book reviews.
10. Do occasional series like interviews or themed items.


Brett said...

Nice list. It made me want to leave you a comment.

Jonathan Hunt said...


Exiled Preacher said...

Cheers, brett.

Whatever to you too Jonathan. ;-)

Gary Brady said...

I've nicked this too you'll see.

Exiled Preacher said...

That's OK, Gary.

Alan Davey said...

Scary photo, Guy. Are you eating enough fruit?

Exiled Preacher said...

I'm better now. That was me when I had scurvy.

Tina said...

hey that list is inspiring :-) thank you!