Thursday, March 15, 2007

Ten things for a Christian mum

A previous "Ten things" focussed on Christian dads. A reader asked for a list for Christian mums. Why John wanted this, I'm not sure. Anyway, I pursuaded my wife, Sarah to enter the stange world of blogdom for a guest post.

1. A passion for the glory of God in family life.
2. A desire to communicate God's word to children.
3. A loving, caring and supportive attitude.
4. Pray with and for the chilren.
5. Be there for the children.
6. Guide the home.
7. Treat the children as individuals.
8. Be firm but fair.
9. Laugh and play with the children.
10. Try to be a role model as a Christian wife and mother.


John said...

I'm so sorry I accidentally got you dragged into this but I'm grateful for the list you've produced. All I was trying to do was to tip Guy off that he'd written 'Then' instead of 'Ten' without sounding as though I never make such mistakes. My fellow pedant, Darby Grey, also tried by commenting about 'Zen' things for a Christian Dad and still the penny didn't drop.

When the post got corrected did we get a link out of it, or thanks, or an acknowledgement of any sort? No we did not. Methinks the master thought we didn't notice and makes snide comments about us wanting posts about 'mums' but we will remember, my precious, won't we?

Sorry, Sarah, I wasn't speaking to you there. I don't quite know what came over me. Back to journalizing now and sorry for your husband, once again.

Exiled Preacher said...


I noticed that "Ten" was "Then" without any help from you, thanks very much.

You have a link from me in the League of Reformed Bloggers list. Are you asking for another one? How greedy is that? You diss my post on Dedramatising omnipresence, you draw my wife into blogging and now you want TWO links?

Martin Downes said...

Was that photo taken at sunny Aberystwyth?

Exiled Preacher said...

Good guess Martin but no. It was taken at Burton Bradstock, Dorset a couple of weeks ago.