Thursday, March 29, 2007

Ten things for Minister's Fraternals

1. Fellowship, a time of communion with God and men.
2. Friendship, pastors sometimes feel isolated, fraternals help us to make friends.
3. Study, we need the stimulus of study to keep us sharp and up-to-date.
4. Discussion, an interchange of views enables us to gird our minds for action.
5. Support for pastors feeling overwhelmed with the problems of ministry.
6. Advice, when faced with tricky situations, it is good to seek the counsel of others.
7. Training, for the practicalities of pastoring like counselling, visiting, exegesis etc.
8. Prayer, if the needs of ministry do not drive us to our knees, nothing will.
9. Worship of the Triune God who called us to be Ministers of the gospel.
10. Food, this is important. Eat, chat and laugh together.

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