Sunday, March 11, 2007

Ten things a Pastor needs to be

1. Christian
2. Man of prayer
3. Man of the Word
4. Preacher
5. Evangelist
6. Reader of Theology, Biblical Studies and lots of other stuff
7. Reader of people & good listener
8. Understands the times
9. Self discplined
10. Servant leader


steve said...


That's a big long list of things - whic must make it very hard for many people to live up to.

Having said that I agree with the idea. I wonder whether it's really nessasary for someone who is focused on serving a congregation, also to be a skilled evangelist?

Cheers - Steve

Exiled Preacher said...


Hard to live up to? Certainly, "who is sufficient for these things?"

I think a pastor needs to be an evangelist in the sense of being able to preach evangelistically. He will also have opportinities to talk to non Christians about the gospel. He may also have to motivate and plan the Church's evangelistic outreach.

dp23 said...

I don't know which of your 10 to leave out - but should there not be a place for " a man with a passion for the glory of the the Lord" - and " a man with a heartfelt love to God's flock, as an undershepherd, with a longing to see them grow in grace, whatever the cost he has to pay personally".... ?


Exiled Preacher said...


Good suggestions.

I'm conscious that my list is very partial. I just jotted down the things that seemed important to me at the time.

It is becasue the pastor has a passion for God's glory and a love for his people that he wants to do the "ten things" and more.