Thursday, December 15, 2005

Preaching pure and simple

Preaching pure and simple is the title of a new book by Stuart Olyott, published by Bryntirion Press (2005).

Olyott is a well known and much appreciated preacher of the gospel. He writes that “The kingdom of God and preaching are like conjoined twins who cannot be separated; they stand or fall together.” Surely all Evangelical Protestants would agree with that statement?

This is a book that all who are interested in preaching should read. Are you a budding preacher? You should certainly read it. Olyott will give you sound advice on what makes good preaching. Are you an experienced preacher? You should read it too. Here you will find much that is challenging and stimulating. You will be forced to review your ministry in the light of Olyott’s high standards.
What constitutes good Biblical preaching? The writer specifies seven qualities that should characterise the proclamation of the word of God: Exegetical accuracy, doctrinal substance, clear structure, vivid illustration, pointed application, helpful delivery and supernatural authority. Where any one of these ingredients is missing, preaching loses its power. When that happens the people of God suffer and sinners fail to see the gospel in all its captivating glory.
The writer cannot be blamed for not dealing with everything in the compass of this relatively short book. The question of the call to preach is not given attention. If you want some help on the use of notes or extemporary preaching you will have to look elsewhere. But this book is full of sane, yet passionate Biblical wisdom for those called to proclaim the word of God to the people of today’s world.
Do you want to help someone to be a better preacher? Buy them this book. Do you want to be a better preacher yourself? Read this book and take its lessons to heart.
May this excellent work be used to aid the recovery of pure, simple and anointed preaching.

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