Wednesday, February 22, 2006

William Williams & Experimental Calvinism

William Williams (1717-91) is best known for his hymn "Guide me O Thou Great Jehovah". He was a Welsh Calvinistic Methodist. This movement was forged in the fires of the 18th Century Evangelical Revival. The Calvinistic Methodists were characterized by a blend of deep Reformed Theology and profound experience of God.

Here is one of Williams' wonderfully experimantal, Christ exalting hymns:
Dear Jesus, come, my soul doth groan
For nought but for Thyself alone,
Thou art the pearl of price;
For Thee I'd part with all below,
And every hardship undergo,
Beneath the vaulted skies.
Thy presence can without delay,
Drive all my numerous cares away,
As chaff before the wind;
Compose my thoughts to adore and love
Thee, as an object far above,
To Thee alone inclined.
Release me from the heavy chain,
Guilt, sin and shame, which still remain
To bind me hand and foot;
O, glorious Conqueror, enter in,
Cast out my foes, destroy my sin,
Both branch and spreading root.
Give me that knowledge pure, divine,
To know and feel that Thou art mine,
And Thee my portion call;
That doubts and fears may flee away,
And faith unfeigned win the day,
And triumph over all.
Williams' hymns help us to practice the supremacy of Christ in singing.

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