Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Jonathan Edwards in the blogosphere

Jonathan Edwards, who predicted the advent of Christian blogging, here is the subject of two interesting posts.

The first is by James Spurgeon at Pyromanics:
Sinners in the Hands of a Loving God here

The second is a guest post Todd Vick over at Faith & Theology:
For the love of God (9): Why I love Jonathan Edwards here

Martyn Lloyd-Jones, who was deeply influenced by Edwards said of him, "I am tempted, perhaps foolishly, to compare the Puritans to the Alps, Luther and Calvin to the Himalayas and Jonathan Edwards to Mount Everest...There are so many approaches to this great summit; but not only so, the atmosphere is so spiritually rarefied, and there is this blazing white holiness of the man himself, and his great emphasis upon the holiness and the glory of God..."
(The Puritans: Their Origins and Successors, Banner of Truth Trust p. 355).

Lloyd-Jones said of the two volume set of Edwards' works, "If I had the power I would make these two volumes compulsory reading for all ministers! Edwards seems to satisfy all round; he really was an amazing man."

If you have yet to get into Edwards, take a look at the posts suggested above. Buy the Two Volume set of his Works by the Banner of Truth Trust, and begin to experience Edwards' God entranced view of all things. If have already purchased an edition of Edwards' Works, how much have you actually read? If the volumes are little better than a status symbol, gracefully gathering dust on your bookshelves, you know what to do: "Take and read"!

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