Sunday, August 19, 2007


We got back from our hols on Saturday. We had an enjoyable family holiday with mostly good weather. We did stuff like kayaking and go-carting and had some beachy days. Our time away culminated in the Aber Conference. I hope to do a report of the conference in the next day or so. While away, I managed to snatch some reading time and finished Grisham's The King of Torts, Barth's Evangelical Theology and a book on Karl Barth and Evangelical Theology. I plan to post some reflections on Barth during the coming week.
It was good to get back home yesterday and to be reunited with our people at Penknap today. I preached on John 9:1-12 in the morning and started a new series on Jonah, preaching on 1:1-3 this evening. After the morning meeting, I was able to announce to the church members that one of our young people has applied for baptism and church membership. The Lord is good.

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