Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Opening up Jonah by Paul Mackrell

Opening up Jonah by Paul Mackrell, Day One Publications, 2007, 103 pp.
Jonah is one of those books of the Bible that we all know from childhood. The main thing that we remember is that the grumpy prophet was swallowed by a big fish. But as Paul Mackrell shows, the book is all about God’s big heart for the lost rather than a ginormous sea creature.

The writer has succeeded in opening up the essential message of this portion of the Word of God. His comments unpack the text with brevity and accuracy. He applies the lessons of the prophecy in a thoughtful and apt way. Mackrell does not hesitate to show us how the book points to “one greater than Jonah” – the Lord Jesus Christ.

Each chapter ends with points for further study and some questions for discussion, making this book ideal for group Bible studies. A brief list of additional resources suggests some other helpful materials on Jonah. If you thought that this “Minor Prophet” was just kid’s stuff, then read this refreshing, popular level commentary.

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