Monday, September 12, 2011

Aber 2011 Evening Meetings 1 & 2

Traditionally the Aber Conference evening meetings have had an evangelistic flavour. On Monday evening, Geoff Thomas preached on Luke 13:23. His message was a passionate and sustained appeal to the unconverted to enter the narrow gate and be saved. Opinions differ as to whether many or few will ultimately be saved. But when asked whether few would be saved Jesus answered, Luke 13:24-30. The issue is not the number of the saved, but that we must be saved by passing through the narrow gate, Luke 13:24, Acts 16:31, Matthew 11:28. We need to be united to Christ by faith and receive in him grace sufficient for each day. The gate is narrow - not wide enough for sin. We must repent. Jesus calls us to “make every effort” to enter the narrow gate. Soon it will be too late to be saved, many, Luke 13:24-25, 27. The door is still ajar. Strive to enter now!

Paul Levy spoke on Tuesday evening, giving a lively and insightful message on blind Bartimaeus, Luke 18:35-43. He drew our attention to: 1. A blind man who can see. The crowds referred to “Jesus of Nazareth”, but the blind man called him, “Jesus, Son of David”. It is better to be blind and yet see than to see and be blind, John 9:39. The disciples don't get it, Luke 18:32-34, but the blind man does. We need to admit our spiritual blindness before can see. 2. A man without an opportunity makes use of an opportunity. He was a beggar with few opportunities in life. But Jesus is passing through Jericho and he as one opportunity to ask for healing, Luke 18:38-39, Isaiah 55:6. The rich young ruler (Luke 18:18-23) and the Pharisee (Luke 18:9-14) were not saved because they did not see themselves as helpless sinners.  But the beggar did. We must seek the Lord while may be found, lest we miss out on the opportunity to be saved – Esau, Hebrews 12:16-17. 3. A beggar who is undeserving. He was destitute and not deserving. He asked for mercy, Luke 18:38. No one is entitled to salvation.  4. A man who received more than he asked for. He asked for sight and he got Jesus, Luke 18:41-43. He was saved by faith in Christ, Mark 10:52. A nobody cried for mercy. Jesus stopped and spoke to him. Jesus opens blind eyes. 

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