Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Banner of Truth prodigal returns

Some time ago I stopped subscribing to the print edition of the Banner of Truth magazine and fled to the far country of a Banner mag free life. However, just recently I came to myself and humbly asked the Banner of Truth if they would have me back. They didn't drape a costly robe around my shoulders, give me a ring, a new pair of sandals and kill the fatted calf, but they did the next best thing. They signed me up for a two year electronic subscription to the Banner of Truth. Shortly afterwards I received an email with a PDF copy of the mag attached. It was good to be back home in Banner land. 

Amongst other treasures, November's edition features an excellent article by Michel Reeves on Goodwin, Sibbes and the Love of Christ and carries excerpts from the writings of Ted Donnelley, whose retirement from pastoral ministry is announced in the magazine. I have been privileged to sit under Ted Donnelley's ministry (that's him on the left) on a number of occasions. His preaching never failed to inform my mind, move my heart and stir me up in the service of the King. 

Don't let any Pharasaical older brothers spoil the party by saying that they never stopped subscribing to the magazine, even when Walter Chantry was editor. Simply rejoice that I who was once lost to the Banner of Truth have now been found. 


Paul Levy said...


love it, I too have recently returned to the fold. They became dark days at the end of Robert's reign, I couldn't cope any more but now I'm found. I'm still not sure about the change of font on the cover though. Only the banner would put a photo like that on the front thought. Reassuringly familiar

Guy Davies said...

Whoa, Paul Levy, Ref21 big shot on my little blog. I'm not worthy.

Gary Brady pointed out that cover photo is a bit Last of the Summer Wine. Question is, who's Compo?

Paul Levy said...

Us big shots must remember the little man occasionally.
Last of the summer wine is very good indeed. They should bring out a book of banner photography, or at least 'the best of covers'

Anonymous said...

I'm kind of curious why you left the BoT in the first place. And what was it about Chantry that you didn't like?

For my part, I wish Iain Murray could be more active again on the magazine side of things.