Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Confessions of an Exiled Preacher at the Banner Ministers' Conference 2013: Book III

And so, Lord I bring my confession to a close. Two men shared a four-part sermon series on The Gospel. Warren Peel spoke on The Gospel: The Life and Liberty of the Church and The Comfort and Joy of the Church. On good days when we pray, witness and are kind the righteousness of your Son covers our sin and shame. On bad days when we are prayerless,  slow to speak of Jesus and unkind, the righteousness of your Son covers us just the same. You, Father justify the ungodly and sanctify the unholy by your grace. 

Jeremy Walker preached on The Gospel: The Motive and Message of the Church and The Security and Hope of the Church. In the second address Walker proclaimed the risen Lord with passion and power from 1 Corinthians 15. Because he lives we live also. 

What a gospel you have revealed in Holy Scripture, to be proclaimed in saving power to all who will hear. Your gospel rescues lost sinners, transforms the saints, builds up the church and glorifies your name. 

The gospel unites us in fellowship too and it was good, Lord to see old friends at Leicester and meet some new ones too. Pringles crunched, pastilles were munched, and pop flowed, as did earnest conversation and  friendly banter at the  'Taffia' meeting of (mostly) Welsh Ministers. 

But now preaching and psalm singing, prayer and table fellowship are a memory, a dream and a fading one at that. Lord, grant that your Word may not return to you void, but will accomplish what you purpose in my life and ministry. Amen. 

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