Monday, December 04, 2017

Westminster Conference 2017

I'll be off to the Westminster Conference bright and early tomorrow morning. Early anyway.

I'm due to give a paper on A Child of Light Walking in Darkness: The Felt Presence of God. The Child of Light... bit in the title refers to a work by the Puritan Thomas Goodwin. It's essentially a series of sermons on Isaiah 50:10, with some extra 'box set' material thrown in for good measure.

My brief is to reflect on what Goodwin has to say on knowing, losing and then recovering a felt sense of God's presence and favour. Also interacting with the views of Goodwin's old pal, John Owen.

Getting hold of Owen's stuff is easy enough. Banner of Truth published his 16 Volume Works decades ago and they are still in print today. I purchased my set when a student at the London Seminary (1988-90).

Goodwin ain't so easy to obtain. Banner has only published Volume 8 of his Works. Odd titles are available as e-books, but not A Child of Light Walking in Darkness. Only realised that after I'd agreed to speak at the conference. Something of a problem. 

Handily, my old church history lecturer at the seminary, Robert Oliver lives nearby.  He is also a member of our local Ministers' Fraternal. Robert kindly lent me Volume 3 of Goodwin's Works, which includes A Child of Light...

Goodwin's piece isn't too long. Owen on Psalm 130 takes up most of Volume 6 of his Works. Took a while to wade through. But, as ever with Owen, was worth the effort. 

I was a bit unwell towards the end of September and into October, which slowed me down when it came to writing up the paper, but I got there in the end. 

I'm looking forward to hearing the other speakers (see here for the programme) and also to meeting up with some old friends at the conference. 


David Reimer said...

Glad you secured a hardcopy, but has volumes 1-12 (are there more?) available of the Works of Thomas Goodwin, scanned from nice copies from Princeton's library. Here's volume 3:

(By the way -- when you say "only punished volume 8 of his Works", I assume that implies they did a pretty poor job of it.) ;)

Enjoy the conference! Hopefully there will be some resources online after the event?

David Reimer said...

P.s. I just made a quick linked list for the twelve volumes of Goodwin, which can be found here:

Hope that helps!

Guy Davies said...

Thanks. A typo. Banner did a good job with V8. Don't know about an online resource. Papers will be published sometime in 2018.

Guy Davies said...