Friday, February 01, 2008

Poll: Who reads this stuff?

I've sometimes wondered who reads this stuff? Sitemeters give a certain amount of info, but they don't really tell you about the people behind the stats. The choices in the poll are:
1. Pastor
2. Lay-preacher
3. Theology teacher
4. Theology student
5. Christian believer
6. Here by accident
Explanitory note: Most if not all people in options 1-4 will profess to be 'Christian believers'. What I mean is, Christian believers not covered by those categories. I didn't really want to put 'lay Christian' because I don't believe in the clergy/laity distinction, and 'Ordinary Christians' just sounds wrong. If you're here by accident via a freak Google referral or something, then you are probably confused enough anyway.
By the way, if your wondering what's happened to the rest of the Blogging in the name of the Lord, Series 3 interviews, then fear not. It's just that the next few candidates for the hot seat have yet to get back to me with their scintillating answers to my penetrating questions.


David McKay said...

G'day mate
I'm a theologically trained piano teacher, an elder in my church.
Fit into the category of Christian believer exactly but not exactly into the others [though I think an elder is also a pastor ...]

Great site!

Stephen said...

I am at the moment a theological student and a "lay" preacher. Hopefully in the next few months I shall graduate and become a full time gospel minister

Anonymous said...

I am a Christian believer who enjoys reading this blog!

Glyndle said...

I stumbled across your blog when I did a google search for the North Bradley Baptist Church website. I bookmarked it and continue to come back because I'm doing a theology degree in my spare time and find some of the musings here quite interesting.