Sunday, May 03, 2009

'God is the real God' - 1 Kings 18 illustrated

It was a case of "musical pulpits" today as local Ministers did a swap in the wake of last week's Banner Conference. That way we didn't have to prep fresh sermons for today. Dig old sermon out of fridge. Defrost. Heat thoroughly. Preach.
This morning I preached on John 13:1-17 to North Bradley Baptist Church, while their pastor, Ben Midgley preached at Penknap Providence Church. This evening I preached to Bradford on Avon Baptist Church on 1 Kings 18 and their Minister, Paul Oliver preached at Penknap. After the evening service, a little girl handed me a tightly folded piece of paper. On it was the above illustration of my sermon. Seems that she got the main point of the message - "God is the real God".


Jake Belder said...

That must be wonderful, to have preached on such a great passage (probably my favorite in the whole of the OT) and to have a little girl totally get it. Beautiful.

Exiled Preacher said...

Yes, I love that passage. The sermon is a real "golden oldie" that I've preached many times. It was encouraging that the girl grasped the main point of the message so clearly. Sweet.

David Reimer said...

Now that's what I call sermon notes. Brilliant!