Monday, July 23, 2012

Jacob's age

How old are you, Jacob?

Only one hundred and thirty.

My age is but a passing shadow,
the years of my life have been few.
My fathers Abraham and Isaac 
were old men and full of days. 
Soon I shall be gathered to them. 

I have seen evil along life's way,
a brother's murderous intent,
an uncle's devious schemes,
the bickering of jealous wives,
Rachel buried, Joseph lost.

All things seemed against me,
but now I have embraced my
beast-torn son I shall die in peace.
God turned all evil to good
to save many people alive.

I am a stranger and pilgrim
and my journey nears its end.
Bury me in the land of my fathers,
the dust dry Canaan that will 
one day flow with milk and honey.

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