Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Serving Today with Grace Baptist Mission

Had an enjoyable day at GBM HQ in Abindgon, recording a series of talks on Jesus "I am" sayings in The Gospel According to John. I've done a bit of radio work before, mainly 'morning thought' type things for BBC Radio Wiltshire and occasionally offering my opinion on topical news items. But the idea with GBM's 'Serving Today' programme is to help African pastors develop their expository preaching skills. The talks took the form of a dialogue between presenter, Andrew Cook and myself on how to preach on the different "I am" sayings. We recorded eight conversations in all, four before and four after lunch. 

The talks were mostly reworked sermons from a series I did on John a while back. The trouble was that when I agreed to do the talks for GBM, I  had forgotten I had handwritten the earlier sermons in the series. It wasn't until John 12 that I switched from handwriting my notes to using Microsoft Word. The effort of trying to decipher my messy handwriting to write up the scripts was a good reminder of why I laid aside my trusty fountain pen in favour of a keyboard. 

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