Thursday, March 22, 2007

Ten strange Google referrals

Google referred these searches to Exiled Preacher:

1. awful preacher
2. most sensible preacher in our times
3. preachers that destroy
4. new zealand surfing
5. enterprise abundant blog
6. "thou shalt not listen"
7. has any leader ever been exiled from the US
8. preacher in love with a married woman
9. ways a preacher can fall from God
10. gary brady

Strange eh?


Anonymous said...

My current favorite - "Are human sacrifices ok?"
It's good to know that my blog comes up to give direction to people who are struggling with this weighty issue.

Guy Davies said...

And the direction was....?

John said...

Great list (again), Guy,
although Gary's obviously on it just to make up the numbers (Like with Jonathan Edwards's Xth gracious sign in Religious Affections which could easily have been included in the IIIrd. (But there is a list!)) or maybe he got lost between blogs and put out a search for himself.

Anyway my ignorant question is, 'How do you know that these searches have been made?' Answer me that (in language I can understand) and I'll link to a list of your choice (even to the excruciating one with Lizt in it.)

Guy Davies said...

OK John, I'll make this very simple. Click on your site meter and then click on "By Referrals". Then you can get the info re how visitor(s) got to your blog.

Google, Yahoo, another blog - it will give you the knowledge even the search words when appropriate.

Why not kink to list on lists and for good measure link to the whole lot using "ten things" label's URL?

Paul Buckley said...

OK, Exiled, can you make it even simpler? I'm on Blogger, too, but I haven't a clue where my "site meter" is.

Guy Davies said...


Site Meter is not intrinsic to blogger. You will find mine on my sidebar on the bottom left of the blog under Flickr Feeds & Stuff.

Click on the SM icon.

Choose to sign up for a SM.

They give you an auto generated HTML code.

Copy and paste this into your blog like this:

1) Edit layout.

2) Choose to add a new HTML/Javascript page.

3) Call page what you like.

3) Paste SM's HTML code into this page.

4) Save page & you're done.

The site meter will pick up all your hits and give you lots of loveley info.

OK now?

If not you will have to ring my premium rate techy support line:

1234 5678910

Charges £10 / minute. You will be placed on hold for at least 30 mins listening to me singing the Welsh National Anthem.

Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

I someone were to ask me about human sacrifices, I would probably ask you to help me come up with a top ten list of "Why human sacrifices would not be enough"

As for sitemeter, go to for detailed instructions. It's cheaper than Guy's support. And maybe easier on the ears (I'm sorry to say that I don't know the Welsh National Anthem. I am in the country of the Star Spangled Banner).