Monday, March 12, 2007

Ten things for a new Systematic Theology

1. Thoroughly Trinitarian.
2. Recognises the revelatory authority of Scripture.
3. Arises from Biblical Theology and exegesis of Scripture.
4. Gives due emphasis to important Biblical themes.
5. Shaped by Reformed Confessional Theology
6. Informed by past dogmatic discussion.
7. Contemporary and up-to-date.
8. Articulates the gospel to equip the Church for mission and discipleship.
9. Scholarly yet readable.
10. Doxological - Soli Deo gloria.


Gary Brady said...

Contemporary and up to date. Another thing many of them could do with is a bit of editing down! ;-)

Guy Davies said...

Is this the same Gary Brady as the one who wrote a 812 page commentary on Proverbs, Heavenly Wisdom? ;-)

By the way, I found the book v. helpful when doing a series of Bible Studies on Prov. Great stuff. You should do Ecclesiastes next. Do you agree with Philip Eveson's interpretation of the book especially his definition of "vanity"?

Gary Brady said...

Long I agree but not wordy. I'd love to do Ecc. You know the title. I'm pretty much with PHE on Ecc I must admit. Have you seen his Lev - dedicated to people like you & me?

Guy Davies said...

Yes, I've got PHE on Leviticus. If it's as good as his one on Genesis, it should be v. helpful. Only read the intro so far.

David McKay said...


Is this game for insiders only, or can anyone play?

Pardon my outsider dumbness, but who is PHE?

Guy Davies said...


Don't you even know that?

PHE is Philip H. Eveson, Principal of the London Theological Seminary.
Author of The Great Exchange on justification and the new perspective.(Day One Publications)

Commentaries on Genesis: The Book of Origins and Leviticus: The Beauty of Holiness. (Evangelical Press)

Gary & I both studied at LTS, hence the mysterious insider codes.

Feel included now? ;-)