Monday, March 19, 2007

Ten things on lists

Papyrus 46 early document with details of NT Canon.
1. Lists are Biblical (Prov 30:15-31) "There are three things and four....".
2. Lists help us to remember stuff - shopping lists and spiritual truths.
3. Liszt is the name of a composer.
4. Lists can be thought provoking , "These six things the Lord hates" (Prov 6:16ff).
5. Lists can save lives as in Schindler's list.
6. The Canon of Scripture is a list of authentic Bible books.
7. Postconservative lists consist of more than dedramatised propositions.
8. Chronicles contains lots of lists of names.
9. CD sleeves contain a list of tracks.
10. The fact that you've read this far down the list proves my point. You love lists.

1 comment:

Graham Weeks said...

I like your lists idea and your lists, though this one shows sometimes one has to scrape the bottom of the barrel to get those last numbers.

I think I shall start with 10 reasons to grow a beard.

I would love to see you do 10 things a Welshman likes about England :-)