Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The Hand of God by Frederick S. Leahy

The Hand of God: The Comfort of Having a Sovereign God
by Frederick S. Leahy, Banner of Truth Trust, 2006, 207pp.
According to Leahy, ‘When we read of God’s hand in the Bible we are to think of his invincible sovereignty in action’. Here the writer reflects on the working of God’s sovereign power from creation to the day of judgement under chapter headings like, The Hand That Creates, The Hand That Keeps and The Hand That Redeems.

This work is packed full of sane, pastoral wisdom and is the product of a passionately God-centred theology. Leahy demonstrates how the sovereignty of God is deeply relevant to every area of life. He makes penetrating application of Biblical teaching to contemporary issues such as the environment and materialism. His main aim is to comfort and strengthen the people of God. Life in this fallen world can sometimes be very difficult and baffling. Leahy deals sensitively with the problem of suffering and evil and assures us that God is in control of all events. The Lord may use suffering to chasten and discipline us, but he always does so in love, for our eternal benefit.

In this book, readers will find robustly Biblical teaching on God’s sovereignty in salvation and good, practical discussion of issues like guidance and Christian service. At a time when many Christians seem to shy away from all talk of hell, Leahy writes honestly and compassionately about the final judgement. The chapter, The Hand That Judges is shot through with urgent, evangelistic appeal, making this book useful to unbelievers as well as Christians.

Fredrick Leahy’s experiences as Minister of the Gospel, theological teacher and popular writer find fine expression in this, his final book. The writer was called to glory in January 2006.



I noticed your blog from the title, and started wondering why and where a preacher is exiled... till I read your profile.
Sounds like a good book... and will look out for it if/when it comes to this part of the world.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for bring this to my attention. There's a dearth of good books on the all-too-important and much neglected doctrine of the sovereignty of God. I'll look out for this one.

Guy Davies said...

hiv/aids blogger,

If you contact the publisher, they may be able to send you a copy of the book. This is their e-mail address:


No problem. It is a very helpful little book.

Steve Burlew said...

Indeed, you can contact us at Banner of Truth at that email address, or me directly at I'll be happy to help you out in any way that I can.