Monday, April 27, 2009

Banner here we come

I'll be off to the great Calvinfest in Leicester shortly. Should be good. Some excellent speakers this year and I'm looking forward to renewing fellowship with old friends. I think I'll give the football a miss, though, this year. 1) Because I'm so unfit that my legs kill for days even after limited running around. 2) Because I'm embarrassingly rubbish at football. 3) Becasue I need to get a bit of reading done in the afternoons. 4) But then again, I need the exercise, so I've packed my kit just in case.
I hope to post a report of the conference when I get home.


Jonathan Hunt said...

Who said you need to run to play football?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I hope this isn't rude, but amateur blogger here. No hits yet, but I remain hopeful.

Anonymous said...

wait, that address was wrong.