Friday, April 03, 2009

Why I'm a rubbish blogger (and I don't even care)

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1. Far too many embarrassing typos. The other day someone kindly pointed out that writing on Synod of Dort, I had typed "Irresistible Grave" rather than "Irresistible Grace". I changed it so that "Grave" became "Grace", and death was swallowed up in victory. But what a howler!
2. Some of my posts are a bit too long for a blog.
3. Some of my posts are so short as to be pointless.
4. I insist on posting my musings on music even though it really annoys some people.
5. Quite a bit of my material is recycled stuff rather than made to measure blog posts.
6. I 'discovered' David Sky and Dai Corleone.
7. I often can't be bothered to respond to comments.
8. My Facebook page is composed almost entirely of blog feed headlines. How sad is that?
9. I only have a few blogs in my Google Reader, which speaks volumes for the interest I take in other blogs.
10. But despite all that, I quite enjoy blogging so I won't be sounding the Last Post just yet.


Andrew said...

Please don't sound that Last Post Guy! I'm feeding on the stuff you cover here from afar!

You and Gary Brady are my first port of call when I'm online.


Jonathan Hunt said...

Bah! Get off the internet and stop wasting bandwidth...


You're not nearly as rubbish a blogger as me.

Exiled Preacher said...

Sorry, I wasn't fishing for compliments or anything. Just had to get some typically Welsh self-loathing off my chest.

As I said in the last point, even though I'm a rubbish blogger, I don't intended to give up anytime soon.

Gary Brady said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gary Brady said...

1. Use the spell check
2. Split 'em up
3. Not to you!
4. Part of the job
5. The very thing to do
6. May be you have a point there
7. No-one's perfect
8. Having a facebook page is the sad bit
9. Some write, some read
10. Glad to hear it!

Bernard said...

Hi Guy,

Just to say I read your blog regularly and find it very helpful. Good to hear that you are keeping blogging.



Exiled Preacher said...

Thanks for the advice Gary, full of Heavenly Wisdom as ever. I use a spell check believe it or not, but isn't the answer to every typo. Like in the example, when I typed "Grave" instead of "Grace". The letter "v" is next to "c" on qwerty keyboards so it's easily done, but spell checkers don't pick up that kind of thing.

And thanks Bernard for those kind comments. A fellow Reformed Baptist recently gave up blogging, so I suppose that made me reflect a little on why I bother. But as I before, I'm not giving up just yet, because I quite enjoy this blogging lark. For me that's a good enough reason to keep on posting.

le Gallois said...

Keep going, Guy !

Keep posting a big variety of stuff and above all remember this :

Nobody cares or remembers anyway !

(a huge comfort to me..)

Gary Brady said...

Hey Guy
Respond to this and you'll get your comments into double figures -sad yes, but not as sad as me suggesting it ;-)

Gary Brady said...

Actually that's only if you count the deleted one - that was me too. Sorry.

Exiled Preacher said...

Unlike someone I know, I'm not a comment count obsessive. Very sad.