Saturday, June 20, 2009

Random day

Slightly random day today. We headed off to the Haynes Motor Museum in Sparkford, Somerset. I'm not a great petrol head, but it was a nice pre-father's day treat. The vid shows a rubber-burning rally car demo. Wish I could say that I was behind the wheel of one of the motors, but there we are. After all that excitement we headed for the tranquility of nearby National Trust property, Montacute House and found a Dalek in the grounds. How random is that?
Some geeky info: I installed Internet Explorer 8 earlier this morning and ever since I've had problems getting the blog to load. I keep getting an "Operation aborted" message. A friend of mine has experienced similar problems. Looks like blogger and IE8 are having compatibility issues. But never fear, I've found a way round it. Hit the "Back" button when "Operation aborted" flashes up and the blog should load OK.


Matt Turner said...

As a web developer, another suggestion on IE8.
Download something else instead. :)

Jonathan Hunt said...

I switched to firefox and haven't looked back.

DJP said...

There's a lot to like about all those browsers, including Chrome.

But I never use Chrome for creating posts anymore, as it randomly inserts < div > (w/out spaces) in my html, and I have to go back and delete dozens of them after a few paragraphs. Also, it's insane for manipulating images, as opposed to FF.

IE8 does that same insane insertion of < div > marks.

So I have to stick to Firefox for blogging. However, it isn't my favorite anymore. It has gotten so slow and cluggy, even without many plugins, that I'll use Chrome or IE8 for regular surfing, and FF for composing posts.

I do miss mouse gestures when I use the others.

Haven't tried blogging with Safari or Opera 10 or 11 or 25 or 6 to 4, or whichever version we're on.

Guy Davies said...

Thanks for the techy advice chaps. But the only thing I know about firefox is that it was Samson's preferred way of incinerating Philistine grain. How would that help me with blogging?

I noted on Blogger Help that there is a conflict between IE8 and the "My Followers" widget. I removed the widget and now the blog loads OK.