Monday, June 08, 2009

Blogging in the name of the Lord, Series 6

I'm thinking of doing a new series of interviews in the next few weeks. Who would you like to see in the hot seat?


Jonathan Hunt said...

yeah, you...

Guy Davies said...

I'd be scraping the barrel a bit if I was reduced to interviewing myself.

David Reimer said...

I'll play!

I think Jonathan's idea is excellent, but if you felt awkward about interviewing yourself (which, I appreciate, could feel a teensy bit sad), you could always get in David Sky to conduct the interview. Just a thought.

A couple (or so) other suggestions:

- have you not interviewed the iMonk, Michael Spencer?
- how about a corporate blog? and my suggestion is the Wycliffe UK bloggers;
- Kirk Wellum is a fellow traveller, and would certainly have some thoughts to share.

Guy Davies said...


I've already done an interview with Mr. Sky. It didn't go too well:

Thanks for the other suggestions. If you are up for it, I'll be in touch, but are you a blogger?

W. Travis McMaken said...

D. W. Congdon

David Reimer said...

EP wrote: "I've already done an interview with Mr. Sky."

I should have guessed. I feel like I'm being lapped. :)

EP also wrote: "...but are you a blogger?"

Wot? Me?! No. Just a seasonal drive-by commenter.

Guy Davies said...


How can you take part in a 'Blogging in the name of the Lord' interview when you're not a blogger?

We could still do an interview if you like, but it wouldn't be in the 'Blogging in the name...' series.

David Reimer said...

EP further wrote: "How can you take part..."

Huh?? Now I am confused!

Ahh. I think I understand. When in my first drive-by comment I said "I'll play", I meant "in recommending who I would like to see in the hot seat", and gave four suggestions, the first of which echoed Jonathan's (and which, I discovered, has already been done). I never intended to give the impression that I was interviewable! Perish the thought! μὴ γένοιτο, even!

Guy Davies said...


Sorry about that misunderstanding. I see what you mean now. "I'll play." Meant "I don't want to play, but it would be nice if others joined in." :-)

Jonathan Hunt said...

David, he often makes these mistakes. This comes from talking to soft toys too often.