Tuesday, September 08, 2009

'For His Glory' The New Pastors Conference

The Evangeical Movement of Wales has organised a conference for men in the first five years of ministry (23-25 November 2009). If that's you, then take a look at this website for further details.

Speakers include: Art Azurdia III, Bill Dyer, Andrew Davies, Martin Downes, Phil Swann, Geoff Thomas & Gwynn Williams.
In this short film Phil (the marathon man) Swann tells us what it's all about:


Jonathan Hunt said...

rather like a cream bun which is, in the old proverb 'naughty but nice', this conference is 'tempting but welsh'


Jonathan Hunt said...

Why not mention that the PTS also has a day conference for new preachers in October?

Guy Davies said...

I'm sure you'd find it helpful. And yes, I'll do something on the PTS Conference soon. I wonder if Jeremy will be doing a promo film?

Jeremy Brooks said...

My wife Lydia suggests that, on the basis that we do want people to come to the PTS Preachers Conference, the idea of me in a t-shirt and shorts is not a particularly good one!

Guy Davies said...

Who are we to argue with your good lady, Jeremy?

Phillip said...

Thank you for introducing the
Evangeical Movement of Wales.
Being across the pond does have its limitations.
Has Derek Thomas spoken at one of the conferences?


Guy Davies said...


Some years ago Derek Thomas spoke at the Evangelical Movement of Wales' Aberystwyth Conference.