Sunday, May 20, 2007

The divine nature

Father's beloved one,
his ever loving Son,
into the world you come,
Saviour and Light.

Bright with divinity,
God from eternity,
You took humanity
all for love's sake.

Blessed in the Trinity
posessed of infinity,
to bear our iniquity
you were made flesh.

You were exalted high,
Upon the cross to die,
Made sin for us you cry,
Oh my God, Why?

God raised you from the dead,
just as the Scripture said,
Last Adam, Church's head,
You reign on high.

We shall your image bear,
your divine nature share,
what glory we shall wear
when soon you come!


Jonathan Hunt said...

the monkey is a better poet...

Guy Davies said...

Thanks! I'll let him know. I hope he doesn't get big headed.

Jonathan Hunt said...

Just pop him in the washing machine if he does.

Seriously, though, I do enjoy your work and I hope you have the courage to keep sharing it!

Guy Davies said...

This is my first attempt at a singable hymn. I've written a simple tune to go with it, as the metre is a bit unusual: But I won't be giving up the day job!